Keeping it Real with Estroven Nighttime

by Magnolia on August 17, 2012

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Regular sleep has returned since I returned from BlogHer 2012.

With all of the excitement and hub-bub of the conference, and just by virtue of the fact I was right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, it was hard not to be excited and pumped up during the days that I was there.

While I certainly slept – with the exception of one night – there is no question, my 55 year old body absorbed the shocking change of routine, which left me feeling fatigued.

But, I’m home now, and falling back into the rhythm of my familiar habits and routine.  Like most people I suppose, I enjoy the simplicity of my routines.  But as it is often said, when you get older, you become more set in your ways.  I can certainly attest to the truth of that statement.

I said in my last blog post that I’ve been quite impressed with Estroven as a product and that I will continue to be a customer well past the Sleep Challenge – and I will.  It has now become a part of my nightly routine and sleep preparation rituals.  So to stop taking it at night as I get ready to wind down for the evening will feel odd to me.  But it also works, and being the pragmatist that I am, when something works for me I keep it.

I think finding what works for you during menopause is very likely one of the biggest challenges that women have.  Since the release of the Women’s Health Initiative study in 2001, most women are not too keen on jumping onto the hormone replacement therapy bandwagon, at least, not when it comes to synthetic hormones.  So, if we’re not going to do that, what are we going to do?  Therein lays the challenge for many women.

At my personal blog I am inundated on a daily basis with questions from women who are looking for alternatives to synthetic hormone replacement therapy.  Unfortunately, the medical field and the pharmaceutical industry are loyal bedfellows.  So unless you want the newest, latest and greatest drug therapy for your menopause symptoms, you have to work pretty hard as a patient and consumer to find alternatives.

A lot of those women have also followed my blog posts while I have participated in the Sleep Challenge this summer, even asking me how it has been going.  I value my personal integrity, which means, unless my heart is in something, I can’t, in good conscience promote it or stand behind it. The way I see it, there are enough charlatans and snake oil salesman out there without me also contributing to the chaos and confusion.

So from a purely self-preservation point of view,  when they ask, I am able to be honest and tell them it has gone well, and that Estroven is a product they might want to give a try if they are looking for alternatives to prescription sleep-aids.  And by the way, being honest with them, also helps me sleep at night too.

If you are interested in trying Estroven for yourself, you can find the details here.

Magnolia Miller is a certified healthcare consumer advocate in women’s health and a women’s freelance health writer and blogger here at The Perimenopause Blog and

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