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by Magnolia on March 14, 2011

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I’ve returned to school, dear readers.  Graduate school. And it’s all because of you.

Yes, at the ripe old age of 54, I’ve decided to go back to school and pursue a masters degree in health and wellness.  I am also acquiring a professional certification in Healthcare Consumer Advocacy. Again, all because of you.

My original journey with blogging began in 2007 with The Magnolia Diaries. Then, in 2009, I began to see there was a huge interest in the subject of perimenopause. Well, actually, I already knew that.

But, what I didn’t know was that so many of you were going through exactly what drove me to blogging about perimenopause in the first place.  But, you were and you still are, so I launched The Perimenopause Blog in September 2009.

This blogging journey has taken many twists and turns as life itself often does,  And now, I’ve arrived at an entirely unexpected place with a new career on my horizon. When I graduate in 2013, I plan to enter the medical community in some capacity as an advocate for women who are in perimenopause.

I know how frustrating it is when doctors just don’t seem to listen to you

I’ve heard your stories over the past nearly two years and they have resonated with me.  I’ve heard your frustrations with the medical community and how it just does not seem to be listening to you.  Much less, respond to your needs. They weren’t able to respond to mine either when I first began perimenopause. At least, not in the way that I wanted them to.

I want to take these experiences and step into that gap – the gap between you, the medical community and your desire to be heard. And more than that, I want to be able to guide you, educate you and help you navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of perimenopause. (Can I hear an amen, sistahs???)

No, I will not be able to dispense medical diagnoses or prescribe medication.  But I will be able to represent you, counsel you and empower you with accurate information on the subject of perimenopause so that you can  participate fully in your hormone health and wellness.

I honestly believe that we can affect change in the medical community and how it responds to women and their hormonal health. Unfortunately, or maybe even fortunately, I guess, depending on how you look at it, change is slow.

But, as long as we are deliberate and persistent and have a focused determination, change will occur.  I plan to make sure that The Perimenopause Blog is at forefront of that change.

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

And finally, gentlemen, I have heard you too. An unexpected surprise at this blog has been the number of men who have found their way here looking for answers and help for the women in their lives who are going through perimenopause.

Unfortunately, men are often sidelined when it comes to the women in their life and health issues

In fact, I have an entirely new mission because of you.  Because, I have heard you too.  In fact, so loud have I heard your voices that I plan to write a book especially for you.

Women instinctively know what to do with their questions, their emotions and their experiences.  Even their hormonal ones.  Men do not.  In fact, you all are far too often sidelined when it comes to these matters.  But, the truth is, you are just affected – albeit in different ways – when perimenopause comes along as the women in your life are.

The book writing process is a slow one.  Dare I say, a bit daunting as well.  So, it will be a while yet, before it makes it to print.  But, you can be sure it is on the top of my list of things to accomplish in the coming months.

Thanks to all of you for your loyal readership and for taking the time to reach out to me and share your experiences and your stories.  I’ve learned as much from you as you have from me, I assure you.

I feel honored that you have trusted me with the details of your life and I hope to honor you as well by returning to school and continuing to write and blog on the subject of perimenopause.




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