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Kegel Exercises with KegelSmart

by Magnolia on February 1, 2016

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I’m going to be the first one to tell you that I hate Kegels. Primarily because I’ve never been able to figure out how to do them correctly. And like everything else which frustrates me, I simply abandoned them altogether.

Up until the last few years, I was able to do that without any real consequence.  But, that was before I began to struggle horribly with urinary incontinence.  Now, at 59 years of age, it’s not getting any better. You too?  If so, you’re not alone.  Roughly 30 to 70% of all women suffer from urinary incontinence in some form or fashion. My personal issue is primarily related to urgency.  Yours might be something else.  But, all of it is associated in one way or another with weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Bladder-Control-During-Pregnancy-articleIf you’ve had children, then you understand exactly what I mean about weakened pelvic floor muscles.  Pregnancy is perhaps the most common reason women have weakened pelvic muscles, and subsequently, may also struggle with urinary incontinence.

But, even if you haven’t had a child, you can still have issues with your pelvic floor.  For example, if you participate in high impact sports such as running or cross-fit, the impact of those sports over time can weaken your pelvic floor.

A fact I personally found very interesting since I was also a long distance runner for close to 35 years.  I had no idea that it would also do a number on my pelvic floor muscles.

And of course, there’s menopause.  Once we reach menopause our bodies are producing less estrogen. Low estrogen has many deleterious effects in our body as most of us already know. However, what you might not know is that low estrogen levels can also contribute to issues of incontinence. Surprised?  I was too when I first learned this.

Estrogen helps to lubricate vaginal tissue and tone vaginal muscles, both in our vagina, and in the pelvic floor region. Without enough estrogen in our bodies we can suffer from vaginal dryness and our vaginal tissue can lose tone.  The result?  You guessed it: weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Urinary incontinence is not the only issue that results from loss of tone in our pelvic floor, however.  You might find that sex is more painful due to lack of lubrication, and the ability to achieve orgasm can also be more difficult.  If you are able to achieve orgasms, you might notice that they are less intense and not as pleasurable as they used to be.

And who wants that?

KegelSmart is Your Personal Trainer for Kegels

Intimina2One of the benefits of youth is that we live with  the expectation that there is always another tomorrow.  And tomorrow is when we might get around to doing something about about our weakened pelvic floor muscles.  Or maybe not. But, once we become women of a “certain age” shall we say? We realize perhaps for the first time in our lives that there is an expiration date on our tomorrows. The brevity of time becomes a real and present reality.

So as much as we might like to think that if we ignore urinary incontinence, or the fact that we struggle achieving an orgasm, and all the fun has gone out of them because our muscle tone is just not what it used to be, these problems really won’t go away by themselves.

So let’s say then, like me, you know the way to help yourself is to do those darn Kegels. But, also like me, you are frustrated with not knowing how to do them correctly.

Would you be more inclined to do them if you had say, a personal trainer who could teach you not just how to do them correctly, but could also teach you how to do them well? In fact, if you could learn do them so well that you actually saw results, would you do them?  I know I would.

KegelSmart by Intimina is that personal trainer.  It is a personal trainer for pelvic floor work which takes the guesswork out of Kegels.  It was developed in Sweden by gynecologists and health experts with the express purpose of helping women learn exactly how to do the Kegel exercises, and to know if they are doing them correctly.

Take a moment and watch this short video about the KegelSmart device, and then read on below to learn about Intimina’s free shipping offer on the KegelSmart and the KegelSmart Essentials Kit, specifically for The Perimenopause Blog readers!


Free Shipping Offer for Perimenopause Blog Readers Until March 1, 2016

I’m not going to pretend that if I use the KegelSmart personal trainer to help me learn to do Kegels properly, that I’m finally going to like doing them.  Because, truthfully?  Nothing is going to make me like them.

However, if doing them will help me achieve better orgasm because my vaginal and pelvic floor muscles are stronger, and if that strengthened core will support my internal organs and help prevent bladder leakage as I age? I could be persuaded to do them.

How about you? If you think you might be persuaded to give the KegalSmart device a try, Intimina would like to offer free shipping until March 1, 2016 for all Perimenopause Blog readers.  The code is: DOKEGELS  and you can find their site and more information on the KegelSmart device at Intimina’s site here.

And as always, ladies, please be sure and share your opinions and experience with the KegelSmart device with me and other Perimenopause Blog readers!



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