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One of my more popular blogs here has been “Dry, Itchy Skin in Perimenopause.”  Apparently, we’re all itchy and scratchy when hormone imbalance hits.

Go figure.

For me, the biggest issue has been an itchy scalp.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve always had issues with an itchy scalp.  As long as I can remember.  However, by the time I reached perimenopause it had reached new heights.

I thought the itch was going to send me right over the edge.

I tried everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  I even spent over $100 on essential oils once.  I was so desperate for relief I completely over did it and used entirely too much on my scalp.  I darn near sent myself into pulmonary distress from inhaling so many of the oils.

I don’t recommend it.

I mentioned in the other post (here) that I eventually saw a dermatologist for my itchy scalp.  It had gotten that bad.  She put me on a steroid shampoo called Clobex, along with an antihistimine called hydroxyzine, which I take at night.  I used the Clobex for a while and then abandoned it due to possible liver and kidney issues from over-use.

Since then, I’ve essentially stopped washing my hair so much, no more than once a week (I have VERY thick hair and can pull this off), and this helped me a lot.  I also use Neutrogena T-Gel on occasion, and that helps too.

I made my annual trek to my dermatologist again this year, except this time she suggested I try using a Baking Soda paste which is applied directly to your scalp, and then rinsing with Apple Cider vinegar.  She swore it worked and had the testimony of one of her best friends.  So I tried it.

And guess what?  It works.  REALLY well.

I shared a link on my Facebook page and there has been an excellent response to it.  So, I thought I would do another post on it for those of you who haven’t found my Facebook page yet.

And by the way….if you haven’t?  Come on over!  You can find the link here.

And here is a link to a great page which has a great selection of recipes for different scalp conditions which can all be treated with Baking Soda paste and Apple Cider Vinegar.  I highly recommend you try it.

The instructions are to use the vinegar rinse “until your scalp no longer itches.”  So, I’m assuming there is a process involved.

I will be posting the recipes here too.  But, in the meantime you can get them here.   You can also print off all of the recipes at once and keep it handy as a guide.

Let me know if it works for you too!




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