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It’s been hard for me to move away from this topic. Primarily because physicians like Dr. Hotze, and other healthcare providers, whom I respect, continue to address it.

But, also because I think they are shining a necessary light on the issue of faulty testing procedures for hypothyroidism.

Of course, the baby-boomer-rebel in me is always drawn to anything which questions and challenges the status quo; and there is no doubt that Dr. Hotze does just that.

He wants to challenge the way medicine is being practiced, and break the strong hold that pharmaceutical and insurance companies have on our medical system.

He promotes personal responsibility for one’s health, and does not believe that the federal government, employers, or society should bear that burden, and quite frankly, I agree.  In fact, I think most people would probably agree.

As a physician, Dr. Hotze believes that hypothyroidism is a health epidemic in this country – particularly among women – and that it is a common thread in the American health issues of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, degenerative arthritis, and gastrointestinal problems.

Pretty heady claims if you ask me.

But, as one who listens to women in perimenopause complain of the same symptoms day in and day out, and echoing the same complaints of not being heard by their physicians, much less receiving adequate treatment for their symptoms, I can’t help but think Dr. Hotze is on to something.

Dr. Hotze validates women who are tired of being treated like they are hypochondriacs

It’s easy to get tunnel-vision when all of your professional work focuses on one topic.  I understand that. One might even say that Dr. Hotze’s obsession with hypothyroidism, and the lack of adequate testing, is a mantle which shapes and colors all of his medical opinions.

And that would be true, I think.  It does.

But, that doesn’t negate the importance and validity of what he is saying about hypothyroidism, and the profound impact it has on the health of women.  For this reason alone, I want to give Dr. Hotze credit where credit is due.

He validates the frustrations and complaints of women (particularly those going through perimenopause) who are tired of being treated like they are hypochondriacs because a few quick lab tests suggest their symptoms do not empirically exist.  I guess it’s just easier to write prescriptions for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

The work Dr. Hotze does gives me hope.  When you interact with women suffering with perimenopause on a daily basis, hearing the same complaints over and over again – as I do – it’s easy to become discouraged.  I want to help these women.  But when I look at the size of the Goliath called our medical system, compared to the tiny little pebbles in my hands as a women’s health blogger, it just seems impossible sometimes.

I think his latest book, Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness: The Riddle of Illness Revealed, is an excellent book that every woman going through perimenopause should read.  Not only is it enlightening and incredibly easy to read, but it gives a voice to women who might otherwise think that no one is listening.


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