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Well, now here’s something I could have told ya, researchers, if you would’ve just asked me!

A study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry (oh Lawd, not the Department of Psychiatry again!) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and published in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), has determined that estrogen fluctuations (namely low estrogen) in menopausal women puts them at a greater risk for depression.

According to the article published at, between 26 and 33% of women will develop significant depression during perimenopause, when hormone fluctuations are at their worst, and during actual menopause, when estrogen is generally at its lowest.

Researchers also noted that the fluctuations of estrogen also leads to greater anger, irritability, and feelings of rejection, in addition to depression.

An interesting aside in the study, researchers also noted that:

When sensitivity was combined with stressors such as divorce, or bereavement, the women were especially likely to develop clinically significant symptoms of depression”

And glory hallelujah I can attest to THAT!  Since my divorce 3 years ago, and the death of both of my parents back-to-back, I’ve struggled with sadness and depression so severe, there have been days (weeks even) where I struggled to get out of bed.  I can’t count the days, weeks, and months, that I’ve been curled up in the fetal position wondering if I would EVER laugh again, feel happy again, or see light in my life again.

coping with grief and depression

And given that I’ve also been menopausal for nearly 5 years now (read: very low estrogen), it’s not surprising to me at all that I’ve had an “H” of a time staying out of depression. I realized a few years ago that my depressive moods, in addition to the horrible brain fog, short term memory issues, and my exacerbated aches and pains (later diagnosed as fibromyalgia) were linked in part to the fact that I had very little estrogen production in my body.

Those were the primary issues which drove me to begin using the Vivelle Dot Patch.   I knew, of course, that simply using bioidentical estrogen was not going to solve all my problems.  It certainly wasn’t going to undo my divorce or bring my parents back.  Those were issues I would continue to deal with over time in the grief process.  But, the estrogen did help in significant ways.

If the Medical Community Would Just Listen to Us!

It seems that the medical community is always catching up to what women going through perimenopause already know. I’m certain that it’s no surprise or shock to any of you that fluctuating estrogen levels contribute to depression and mood swings in perimenopause.  I mean, if physicians would simply listen to us when we seek help for our symptoms, by gosh, they would already know this, right?


But, alas, they do not.  Sometimes they do.  But, mostly not.

The study concludes that based on the findings, future research should “assess the value of interventions, such as cognitive therapies to mitigate the impact of stressful events, as well as the use of estrogen therapy during menopause.”  

A conclusion, especially the “estrogen therapy in menopause” that I can certainly get behind.  In the meantime, however, I will glory in the day that physicians will listen to women, and save all those millions of dollars of research funding to tell them what we already know, and perhaps invest those dollars into better education in the field of perimenopause, for the next new batch of eager physicians graduating from medical school.

If you wish to read the article which references the study and provides citations as well, you may download a PDF copy here. 

Be well, this too shall pass!





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