Adrenal Fatigue

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If you’re looking for alternatives to hormone therapy to treat your symptoms of perimenopause, today’s sponsored post will be of great interest to you!  

Read on to learn about an exciting new App for your phone which will help you manage hot flashes and stress during perimenopause!


“If you practice deep breathing exercises regularly you can help control the number and severity of hot flashes” says Dr Oz. The exhalation should take twice as long as the inhalation.

Why does this work? According to Dr. Rubman, medical director of the Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicines in Southbury (CT) it has to do with your blood.

When the pH level of blood becomes very slightly more acidic, the autonomic nervous system reacts, increasing the likelihood of hot flashes.

Yogic breathing helps to neutralize this slight pH imbalance by allowing better oxygenation of the blood and normalizing carbon dioxide saturation. “Restoring an optimal pH tends to calm and balance the autonomic nervous system, making hot flashes less intense and less frequent,” he said.

Many people use their breathing to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Besides hot flashes the types of conditions that controlled breathing help include: Anxiety – Asthma – Chronic fatigue syndrome – Chronic pain – High blood pressure – Insomnia – Panic attacks – Stress.

Practice deep breathing to de-stress is as essential as any routine for good health and is often forgotten or overlooked during our busy days. Few minutes several times per day should already yield some results but you have to be consistent at it and know what to do.

Zenytime is one unique and exciting connected object developed around a breakthrough technology that guides and trains you to deep breathe. Zenytime enables you to experience deep breathing anywhere, anytime by playing games on your phone with your breath only.

Conscious breathing practiced in the form of casual games with Zenytime helps relieve tension, improves mood and reduces the severity of stress and hot flashes.  It also has a calming effect on the entire nervous system  Better regulation of the oxygen flow in your blood helps be more mentally alert, stimulate the brain and increase productivity.

Zenytime also tracks your personal breathing stats and coaches you toward a better well-being.  And with your phone is always within reach, why not use it to play and practice deep breathing at the same time!

If you pre-order now, it’s only at $79 instead of $99 at!  In addition, as a reader of The Perimenopause Blog you will also get the Plus one year subscription for free (a $19 value) by using the code: MAGNOLIA.  Be sure and read more about Zenytime below!


About Zenytime

Zenytime turns breathing exercises into fun, easy, anywhere, anytime casual gameplay. Zenytime is the first device that lets users improve their wellbeing by playing mobile games with the exclusive use of their breath. Mixing self-improvement and gamification it brings serenity, clarity and energy to busy bodies and minds in just few minutes a day. The Zenytime solution combines a Bluetooth accessory called “the Puck” and gameful apps designed as breathing coaches. Zenytime games for smartphones and tablets follow well-defined inhale and exhale sequences, scientifically proven to be beneficial breathing exercises.



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